This python code forms a wrapper for the NWTC codes FAST and TurbSim.

Authors: P. Graf, K. Dykes and many others

The core code involved is the NWTC code FAST. The AeroelasticSE modules provide access to it in various ways, as detailed below:

  • (AeroelasticSE.runFAST)–run FAST by parsing and modifying template file inputs.
  • (AeroelasticSE.runTurbSim)–run TurbSim by parsing and modifying template file inputs.
  • (AeroelasticSE.FAST_component)–run FAST as an openMDAO component.
  • (AeroelasticSE.FusedFAST)–run FAST via generic run cases using the fusedwind framework.
  • (AeroelasticSE.FSTTemplate_runner)–run FAST via the fused wind framework’s VariableTree based interface.
  • (AeroelasticSE.iecApp)–run and process large numbers of cases using the fusedwind framework and the template based interface

In addition, there are a couple of helper modules:


The tutorial section is a good place to start learning about how to use these FAST wrappers. These consist primarily of annotated sections from the test code that is part of the modules themselves.

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