2. Installation


General: NumPy, SciPy, Swig, pyWin32, MatlPlotLib, Lxml, OpenMDAO

Wind Plant Framework: FUSED-Wind (Framework for Unified Systems Engineering and Design of Wind Plants)

Sub-Models: CommonSE, DriveWPACT

Supporting python packages: Pandas, Algopy, Zope.interface, Sphinx, Xlrd, PyOpt, py2exe, Pyzmq, Sphinxcontrib-bibtex, Sphinxcontrib-zopeext, Numpydoc, Ipython

Clone the repository at https://github.com/WISDEM/DriveSE or download the releases and uncompress/unpack (DriveSE.py-0.1.1.tar.gz or DriveSE.py-0.1.1.zip) from the website link at the bottom the `DriveSE site<http://nwtc.nrel.gov/DriveSE>`_.

To install DriveSE, first activate the OpenMDAO environment and then install with the following command.

$ plugin install

To check if installation was successful try to import the module from within an activated OpenMDAO environment:

$ python
> import drivese.drive
> import drivese.hub

or run the unit tests which include functional and gradient tests. Analytic gradients are provided for variables only so warnings will appear for missing gradients on model input parameters; these can be ignored.

$ python src/test/test_DriveSE.py

An “OK” signifies that all the tests passed.

For software issues please use https://github.com/WISDEM/DriveSE/issues. For functionality and theory related questions and comments please use the NWTC forum for Systems Engineering Software Questions.